Types Of House Cats

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As you type the listbox results will be filtered. List of cat breeds given below provides information about the recognized cat breeds found across the world.

Different Cat Breeds Types Of Cats House Cats And Pure Breeds Koty

3 maine coon.

Types of house cats. List of cat breeds. Felidae the entire cat family. The abyssinian also referred to as the aby is a lively and active cat.

From around the web our partners. Domestic wild cat is a carnivorous mammal that is found in various sizes colors and names. 1 exotic shorthair.

They can take care of their hairs easily. The exotic has. Then again most modern cat breeds are descendents of one type of domestic or another and 95 of house cats in the us are domestics.

Felinae the subfamily of all smaller cat species. Domestic shorthair and domestic longhair cats. If you are looking for information related to breed characteristics temperament health and nutrition then we suggest you look at our domestic cats facts.

5 british shorthair. Rang doll types of house cats looks much more like a dog. Those people who love dogs they will get happy to take them as pet animal.

Many abyssinians even love water. Lists of domestic animal breeds. Longhair or persian longhair.

Here are some common cat breeds. Most popular house cat breeds. These are the unique types of house cats.

When you come back home after the work they come to meet you and sometimes love to sleep with you. Popular cats for many types of households. Purple collar pet photography getty images.

This entry was posted in cats featured and tagged basic breeds cat exotic pets house pet stories pets animals on august 25 2010 by bugy220. Here are some of the types of common house cats. Here is a list of the top cat breeds with pictures.

Wildcat the ancestor of the domestic cat. Manx this type of cat has a very short tail or none at all its origin is from the isle of man tonkinese this is one of the types of common house cats which is a cross breed betweeen burmese and siamese it is usually short haired and its size is medium. Otherwise known as that cat or your standard alley cat domestics are not an officially recognized or pedigreed breed.

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