Tenth House Astrology

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These three houses work together in your chart to bring you success or challenges. Respect is the most important thing for a person.

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Which is the tenth house in astrology.

Tenth house astrology. The 10th house of your astrology birth chart is the house of social status that also includes your career. It s an expression of your public persona how you re seen as a figure on the world stage. The person wants to succeed but with honour and respect.

Each house including the tenth house represents basic human feelings or actions. It s also one of the work related houses the 6th and the 2nd being the other two. It lies in the zenith of the astrology chart and is ruled by saturn and the sign of capricorn the cusp of the tenth house in astrology also bears the name of midheaven mc and the planets in the tenth house can indicate the career path of an individual along with his.

The tenth house is also associated with the midheaven on the tenth house cusp. It is about the place we have attained in our social or work career grouping and in society as a whole. Think status the authority it conveys and consequently the role we take in our community.

The tenth house is commonly referred to as the house of social status. This house influences the social status name success and fame. There are twelve houses in astrology which all take up an equal portion of the night sky when the zodiac signs drift through these astrological houses they are impacted by then the houses turn a sign s focus towards whatever the house s symbolic value is.

The house of social status. Of course it s you as a big fish in a small pond too like a prominent member of your small town. The tenth house of astrology is related to the professional life goals and reputation of a person.

The tenth house also called the house of social status among astrology houses describes our true calling and our destiny.

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