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For example you can predict how you will react in a situation of love based on what planets are in your fifth house or what house your venus is in can show you where you will find love most readily. Sun represents the i.

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The birth chart interpretations found here are general interpretations because you will find that as you become more comfortable with astrology you can add your own insight to these meanings the interpretations here are meant as a general guide to usher you.

Planets in houses. Planets represent action in the horoscope and the house in which the planet resides is the home of the action in question. Planets in houses how planets effect in various houses. Sun or surya considered to be a very important planet in indian astrology.

Magnetic personality is possessed by the native when he has jupiter in his ascendant. We now know that planets influence the lives of beings on earth. Here you will discover the individual meaning of each planet in each zodiac sign and in each house.

We know each of the 10 planets sun moon mercury venus mars jupiter saturn uranus neptune and pluto represent a certain function that influences our life. The planets modify the tone of affairs told by the sign on the cusp of the house. Sun is one of the three ascendants in vedic astrology.

Planet in house meaning. If the signs of the zodiac show how planets express themselves the houses of the natal chart reveal where these energies play out. Each of the twelve houses of a chart rules certain areas of life types of people and relationships environments ideas and life circumstances.

It determines one s behaviour traits skills status financial position health and relationships. If rahu is conjunct then the native is a performer of bad deeds and does not has a. Gains weight and eats heavily thus leading to bad health.

In astrology the second house governs finances movable objects and material possessions. It gives auspicious results if it is well placed and in a good state exalted or placed. The placement of these planets in the 12 astrological houses is associated with how that aspect of our life is affected by the presence of that planet.

If the 5 th house is not severely afflicted then he begets more male children. Venus in house two venus the planet of love harmony music art and all things beautiful finds itself at home in the 2nd house. Planets in different houses part 1 sun moon mars mercury jupiter in variant houses.

Thus having several planets in one house can make the entanglements of that house very complex and often more significant in the life. 5 jupiter in first house. Venus in the 2nd house imparts a heightened sensitivity and appreciation for beauty and quality.

The position of the sun moon jupiter saturn mars mercury and venus planets in the 12 different houses of a horoscope has many consequences. Every planet has its own way of influencing your personality. Use this planets in houses calculator to find out how each planet influences you.

Planets in houses. Astrology services provided by us sun. It suggests an element of.

Moon represents the inner self. There are twelve houses in astrology and the house where sun is posited in a horoscope defines the areas of life. Planets in the houses.

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