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This gecko was first found in america in 1915 and has since become an invasive species. It is also known as the asian house gecko pacific house gecko wall gecko house lizard or moon lizard.

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In addition to this they can also be found strolling in the dry lands shrubs and bushes.

House gecko care. They are small with gray brown or pinkish skin covered with dark spots or mottle. Housing a gecko care requirements will vary some from species to species but for the most part geckos need to be kept in enclosures that have branches available for climbing a water bowl a hiding place and secure lids. If you need to care for a young house gecko feed it 5 to 6 meals a week.

Mediterranean house geckos are commonly found in countries that border the mediterranean sea such as cyprus turkey and spain. They can be seen climbing walls of houses. For extra nutrition dust the insects in a calcium supplement before giving them to the gecko.

When these animals become pets in more temperate latitudes however they need extra care from their owners to provide for their dietary and environmental needs. When you think about the common house gecko you probably think about that little lizard you see on the geico commercial all the time but what kind of breed that is is debatable and they ve dropped some clever hints but always cut him off before he has time to tell us. Reproduction of house gecko.

They can even be spotted in areas of tropical rainforests. The house geckos are abound in human homes. It is also important that you.

The common house gecko hemidactylus frenatus not to be confused with hemidactylus turcicus the mediterranean house gecko is a gecko native to southeast asia. However the house gecko is. Mediterranean house geckos are primarily insectivorous.

One can frequently observe them climbing on the walls. The common house gecko has adapted to human dwellings in tropical regions where both humidity and insects are ubiquitous in the environment. Most geckos are nocturnal hiding during the day and foraging for insects at night.

Provide your gecko with five to six weekly feedings each consisting of several insects. Choose high protein meals like crickets or mealworms and make sure they are no longer that the width of the gecko s head so it can eat them. They will thrive on a diet of crickets mealworms waxworms silkworms and roaches.

It s rare for a gecko to bite a person but there are some species that are more likely to do so such as the tokay gecko. Habitat of house gecko. House gecko care sheet.

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